Coming up on Season One: monsters hunters, demon-spawn, and unfulfilled prophecies! Oh my!
Ray and Javen battle Ryder and his coven as the case comes to a head. Chapter 7 of 8
Ruby, Javen and Ray head to Marigold Marina to intercept the would-be attackers. Chapter 6 of 8
Javen and Ray work with Agent Skinner to get to the bottom of the missing boats. Chapter 5 of 8
Ruby reports back with a fresh lead on the missing boats. Chapter 4 of 8
As the investigation makes headway, Javen is dealt a blast from the past. Chapter 3 of 8
Ray and Javen arrive in Florida to find the DCU dragged into cover-up. Chapter 2 of 8
The dust has barely settled after the Webb House when Ray drags Javen out to the Florida Keys. Chapter 1 of 8
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Minor Arcana: Monsters & Echoes